tTLogFile for Embarcadero RAD studio XE

Previously been proposed to simplify the component tTLogFile logging application goes into a text file. This article offers an updated component for installation in Embarcadero RAD studio XE.

Source Code LogFile

0. Component tLogFile.

Component tLogFile designed for easy addition of application functionality logging. Logging done in text files. Component tLogFile designed for easy addition of application functionality logging. Logging done in text files. Recording held in accordance with configurable options. Recording held in accordance with configurable options.

1. Installation


1.1. Components -> Install Packages … Components -> Install Packages … -> Add -> Add
1.2. Select TtLogFile.bpl, click Open Select TtLogFile.bpl, click Open

1.3. OK

2.1. File -> Open Project … File -> Open Project …

2.2. Select TtLogFile.dpk, click Open Select TtLogFile.dpk, click Open

2.3. Compile TtLogFile.dpk Compile TtLogFile.dpk

2.4. Install TtLogFile.dpk Install TtLogFile.dpk

2.5. OK

2. Description of the properties

Compnent located on the tab TTComponents


property Active – true – an entry in the log is, false-log off

property FileName – Prefix log

property KeepOpened – true – file is not closed after each entry

property FileDir – The path where to store log file

property FileExt: – Extension to log file

property FormatDateTimeToLog – date and time format added to the log

property FormatDateStr – the date format of the time, added to the file name

property AddDateTimeToLog – true – to write to the file date and time, false – do not write

property AddMessageTypeToLog – true – to write to a file type of message, false – do not write

property IniFileName – the path to the ini – file, which will store the settings for the tether logs

property IniFileSectionName – Name of sections in the ini – file, from which will be required to pick up the settings for logirovnaiya

property LogLevel – (llINFO – write to the log messages, llERROR – write to log the error message, llTRACE – write to log messages to trace)

property isShowMessageOnError – {true – Show message on error, false – don’t show}


function Prepare: Boolean – The initialization function with the log files.

procedure Add (ALevel: TLogLevel; AText: string); – Function to write to the log file messages

procedure AddFile (ALevel: TLogLevel; AFilePath: string); – Function to write a data file from over text file.

procedure AddStrings (ALevel: TLogLevel; AStrings: TStrings); – Function to write the set of lines in the log file

procedure AddFromStream (ALevel: Tloglevel; AStream: TStream; ABufSize: Integer); – Function to write from a stream to a log file

procedure SaveToStream (AStream: TStream; const AFileName: string =”); – I function to save the log file in a stream.

function LoadFromIniFile: Boolean; – Function to load the parameters of the logging file.


Example ini-file:


; Logging level uazyvaet message containing any type will be written

; INFO = 1 – information;

; ERROR = 2 – Errors;

; TRACE = 3 – Debug;

LogLevel = 4

; Name prefix

FileName = Log

; 1 – to write to log file 0 – do not write to log file

Active = 1

; Keep a file open

KeepOpened = 1

; Add to Kajo record to a log file date and time

AddDateTimeToLog = 1

; Expanding the log file

FileExt =.log

; Date format of time in the filename.

FormatDateStr = YYYYMMDD

; The path to the log

; folder Log at the current folder

FileDir = .\Log

; Date format of time in the log

;dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss = 09/02/49 01:02:03

;mmm = Feb

;mmmm = February

;ddd = Th

;dddd = Thursday

;ddddd = 09/02/2049

;dddddd = 09 february 2049

;hhampm = 01AM

;t = 01:02

;tt = 01:02:03

FormatDateTimeToLog = dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

; true – write to log file message type, false – dont write

AddMessageTypeToLog = 1

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